About Us

Our business:

Our business is primarily focused upon sale at our farm gate. Being a small grower we do not sell to any supermarkets or grocers, instead we focus on our consumers. We do not wholesale our fruit, everybody gets the same price.

In recent years we have begun to expand and we now frequent several local markets and hope to become involved in more with the passing of time. Our pick your own business has also vastly expanded and we are constantly developing a better sales area.

Since establishment in 2001 the business has greatly evolved, from selling out of a self-serve cash box at the front of our farm, to what is now a fully serviced sales area. We hope to continue to improve our business into the future and keep doing what we do best - grow delicious fruit.

In the past decade the number of strawberry growers in Australia has halved whilst the production of strawberries has doubled. We believe that there is a future for small, niche market growers such as ourselves and hope to be able to continue to provide fresh and local produce to our area.

Our values:

What is the most important consideration in our business? It is that we are consistently producing high quality fruit. We endeavour to ensure that our fruit is always fresh and flavoursome. All of our first grade strawberries are fresh and should last for about a week when refrigerated. 

We are proud of a being small and local business. Whilst we are always growing and developing, this is the way we want to stay into the future. All produce we sell is always fresh and local. We appreciate the relationships we are able to develop with our customers and the community through being a local business.

We believe in sustainability and use organically based products to help protect our crops from pests. We do not use pesticides and have an IPM program for pest control.


Our history:

Grower Bob Dunnett is the son of a Warrandyte orchardist, who was the son of a fruit grower, who was the son of a fruit grower. Whilst the places, the fruits and the growing techniques have changed over the years, the fundamental tenants of growing good fruit and treating it well have not changed.

Over the years our family has always tried to provide the best quality fruit possible, knowing that something done well is something worth doing. With constant improvement of technologies, knowledge and growing techniques; the fruit that is produced now on a consistent basis rivals the best that our predecessors could ever produce.